Sell Your Apple Watch For Cash

It only takes a couple minutes to sell your Apple Watch. Choose from the anodized aluminum Apple Watch Sport, the stainless steel Apple Watch, or the 18-karat solid gold Apple Watch Edition.

It's Time to Sell My Apple Watch

So, you haven't been wearing your Apple Watch lately, or maybe you are looking to sell your current one and upgrade to a better model. Whatever your reason to sell your Apple Watch, you've got to admit it has some neat features. All those different watch faces, built-in fitness tracking, and the ability to send your heartbeat to that special someone. Sure, your watch band needs a good cleaning and your watch face has a few more scratches than you'd prefer, but selling your old Apple Watch can still earn you some cash.

Sell Your Apple Watch for the Best Offer

Our site aggregates offers from other buyback websites so you can make the most money when you sell your Apple Watch. We provide a higher price for your watch and guarantee it for 30 days. You won't get a deal like that from eBay or Craigslist.

Here's another cool and simple concept: we pay you the same day we receive the shipment of your Apple Watch. Choose whether you want paid via PayPal, check, or to optionally donate your Apple Watch's value to charity.

It Only Takes A Few Minutes

  • So, you've decided, "It's time to sell my Apple Watch." Let's start by selecting your watch model.
  • Now just answer some basic questions: What size watch do you have? Which watch band do you have? What's the condition of your watch?
  • You will be given an offer. Once you accept the offer, tell us how you would like to get paid and provide your contact information.
  • We will generate a free pre-paid shipping label so you can send in your used Apple Watch. Payment is sent the same day we receive your watch.
  • That's seriously all it takes to sell your Apple Watch. Now scroll back to the top of this page to get started.