Apple iMac (14,2) 3.50 GHz Core i7, 27-inch (Late 2013)

Does the iMac power on?
  • Choose "Poor" if ANY of the following are true:
  • The screen or body is cracked
  • iMac is missing parts
  • Choose "Good" if ALL of the following are true:
  • iMac is 100% fully functional
  • No cracks on the screen or body
  • May have light nicks or scratches
  • Choose "Perfect" if ALL of the following are true:
  • iMac is 100% fully functional, comes with all accessories
  • Looks brand new or is still sealed in its original packaging
  • Has zero nicks and scratches

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Screen Size: 27"

Processor: 3.50 GHz

Release Year: Late 2013